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In baptism, the baptized person is accepted into the church of Christ. In the National Church, it is most common for a child to be baptized while still a minor. According to the instructions of Jesus Christ, a child is baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is dedicated to God with his word and prayer and poured with water and blessed.

The principle is that a child is baptized in a church and in the presence of the congregation or its representatives, but there is an old tradition in Iceland that baptism can take place in the child's home. It is customary for the baptized child to be dressed in a white baptismal dress, which is a symbol of purity and innocence. The dress is smaller, which symbolizes that the baptized child should grow in faith, hope and love.

Loved ones choose a godparent for the child. Baptismal witnesses, often also referred to as godfathers, are never fewer than two, a man and a woman (as the word implies), but there can be at most five. It is desirable that at least one of the godparents is of an age that can follow the child to adulthood. Parents and godparents confess their faith on behalf of their child and thereby commit themselves to raising the child in the Christian faith.

During the baptism ceremony, the scriptural texts on which the baptism is based are read. It is recommended that the loved ones of the baptized person read the texts.

You can request baptism in a church service, in a private ceremony in the church or by having a priest come to your home or hall. When baptizing in a church service, it is done at the beginning and that service is free of charge for the parents.

It is most common for a child's name to be mentioned for the first time at baptism. It is necessary to inform the priest well in advance of the name and the names of baptismal witnesses, which are at least two.

To reserve Skálholt Church for religious ceremonies, it is best to send an email to

If you want a priest or organist from Skálholtskirkja, you can contact the person:

Axel Árnason Njarðvík parish priest

Ordaining Bishop Kristján Björnsson

Jón Bjarnason organist

If you require facilities for parties or catering, please contact Hotel Skálholt on tel. 486 8870 or at the email address:

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