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Confirmation schedule

Confirmation program in Skálholt is a varied and fun program for confirmation children who visit Skálholt.

The goal of the confirmation party is to introduce the children to Skálholtsstaður as the holiest and most historical place of the country in a fun way and allow them to get to know the place on their own terms. Pétur Ragnhildarson, priest in Breiðholtsprestakalli, Kristján Björnsson, consecration bishop in Skálholt, and Jón Bjarnason, organist in Skálholt, manage the program.

The program begins with an introduction, but then the children are divided into groups, where some participate in team building, while others participate in an orientation game around Skálholtsstaður, where they learn about the history of Skálholt. During the lunch break, pizza is served at Hvänn Restaurant. In the afternoon, the children will be introduced to the organ by Jón Bjarnasyn, possibly he will play a few tunes at the organ. Finally, the group gathers in the church for a moment of silence. Before the children go home, a cake will be served.

There is a great and rich tradition for the arrival of confirmation children in Skálholt as part of the preparation for the confirmation. For many decades, confirmation children came from all over the country and took part in programs and education, but then it was customary for the confirmation children to stay at the place. Now the confirmation party has become a permanent part of Skálholtsstaðar's event program and will welcome groups of confirmation children from the capital area and the countryside.

If you would like to book a group for a confirmation program, please send an email to the email address:

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