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Donations to the Fund of St Thorlak are accepted

St Thorlak was the bishop of Skálholt in the years 1174 - 1193. St Thorlak  was Iceland's only saint, but he early gained a reputation as a holy man who was good to be called. There are numerous stories of miracles that were attributed to his words, but they were collected in Jarðteinabækur Þorlák higa.

St Thorlak has two fair days a year; the day of his death, Þorláksmessa in winter on December 23 and Þorláksmessa in summer on July 20, but the Sunday next to that day is traditionally the Skálholt festival.

Voluntary donations to the pledge fund are accepted but

can be deposited into the account of the St Thorlak Fund:

0151-05-060468 / identification number 610172-0169.


The proceeds go to the beautification of the church, but the church chairs are currently being repaired. Each chair will be taken through, the wood polished and oiled, and the seat and back woven with paper thread. The cost of each chair is ISK 50,000.

Thank you very much for your support!

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