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Skálholt's protection fund

Skálholt Cathedral's conservation fund was established in 2018, but the fund's goals are the collection, custody and disposal of funds for repairs, renovations and maintenance in and around Skálholt Cathedral. The fund is also authorized to collect and allocate funds for the maintenance, renovation, protection and road improvement of Skálholtstaðar.

The first chairman of the fund was Jón Sigurðsson, but the current board consists of chairman Árni Gunnarsson, Erlendur Hjaltason and dr. Kristin Ingólfsdóttir. Alternates are Helga Kolbeinsdóttir and Bergþóra Baldursdóttir. The fund management works closely with the consecration bishop in Skálholt and the manager of Skálholt.

The fund's first project was the repair of Gerðar Helgadóttir's stained glass windows, but then it took over the renovation of the church clock and clockwork in the church tower and financing of new lighting in the church. The restoration of the book store in Skálholt is coming up, which the Conservation Fund will support. The fund finances its projects with voluntary donations from individuals, companies, public bodies and specialized funds.

You can call the collection number 907 1020 and donate ISK 2000 to the protection of Skálholt Cathedral.
The fund is grateful for the donations and generous support.
Bank account: 152-15-380808
Social security number: 451016-1210

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