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The choir


The Skálholt Choir was founded for the dedication of the new Skálholt Cathedral in 1963 by dr. Róbert Abraham Ottóssyni, director of the national church's music. The members of the choir are amateurs from the vicinity of Skálholt, but in the uplands of Árnes County there has long been a rich singing tradition and the choir has been praised for its beautiful and ambitious singing.

The Skálholt choir has been fortunate to have good managers from the beginning, first dr. Róbert Abraham Ottósson, later Glúm Gylfason. Hilmar Örn Agnarsson was organist at Skálholt Cathedral from 1991 to the end of 2008. He breathed new life into choral singing in Skálholt and achieved great success with the choir. The current court organist is Jón Bjarnason. He started working in May 2009.

In addition to performing music at religious ceremonies in Skálholt Church, the Skálholt Choir has performed in many places in recent times, both abroad and in Iceland, and it has behind it a wide range of works of a secular and spiritual nature. These include the annual Advent concert in Skálholt Church with well-known Icelandic musicians and instrumentalists, performances of Pál Ísólfsson's Skálholt cantata in 1993 in Skálholt, Vivaldi's Gloria in 1999 in Skálholt and Fossvog Church, the church cantata "Surely spring will come" by Sigvald Tveid in 2001 in Skálholt, Þorlákshöfn and Langholt Church and participation in Gunnar Þórðarson's Brynjólfs Mass in 2006 in Skálholt, Keflavík and Garfarvogi. In 2003, the choir performed at an art festival in Piran, Slovenia, and in addition, it has performed at concerts in Germany, France and Italy. This is the choir's second CD with religious music, but in 2005, the disc "Skálholtskórinn á kontelik" was released with recordings. by Gloria Vivaldi and other works. On this disc, which was recorded in Skálholt Church, the choir performs church music, with and without accompaniment. Four of the hymns are by dr. Róbert A. Ottósson, or in his exposition, in his memory.

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