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Skálholt's board

You can order a local guide for groups around Skálholt Cathedral, the museum, the tunnels, archaeological sites and well-known landmarks.

The walk takes about 30 to 50 minutes depending on the appointment, but visitors will be guided around the church where they can see church items, Gerðar Helgdóttir's stained glass windows and Nína Tryggvadóttir's altarpiece. We go to the museum in the basement of the church, where the stone coffin of Bishop Pál Jónsson is, but it is from the year 1211. We go out the underpass and out into the heritage area, into Þorláksbúð, but the walk ends at the Herb Garden up by the Hotel (Skálholtsskóla).

The fee is modest or 1000 ISK. per person Children under 12 are free. The fee goes straight to the place.

Veitingahúsið Hvönn is in Skálholt and has a website of the same name with information about the opening and services. It is ideal to take advantage of offers there in connection with guided tours. You can also refer to Hotel Skálholt's website.

You can order a guided tour by sending an email to

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