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Activities in Skálholt Church

Skálholtskirkja is ideal for religious ceremonies. The church is extremely bright and beautiful, and the acoustics are one of the best in the country. The church seats 250 people, but with additions it is possible to have seats for up to 280 people.

Please keep in mind:

  • The church shall only be used for church activities and a priest must perform them.

  • A fee is charged for the church in the case of a marriage ceremony.

  • The condition is that live music is performed at events, not from a band.

To reserve Skálholt Church for religious ceremonies, it is best to send an email to

If you want a priest or organist from Skálholtskirkja, you can contact the person:

Axel Árnason Njarðvík parish priest

Ordaining Bishop Kristján Björnsson

Jón Bjarnason organist

If you want facilities for parties or catering, please contact Hotel Skálholt in

phone 486 8870 or email:

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