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Páll Skúlason Kirkjuklukka.jpg

Church bell of Skálholt Church

In the tower of Skálholt Church there are five church bells that were given to the church during the construction period, one from Denmark, two from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Norway. The church also has three old clocks. One of them hangs in the bell tower, one is in the Guest Room and one hangs in the Marius Stuka of the church.

In 2000, the largest clock that was a gift from Denmark broke when it fell to the floor. It happened when the church bells were rung at a festive mass at the Skálholt festival. There was a live broadcast on the national radio and you can hear when the clock fell to the floor.


When the church was being maintained on the occasion of the church's 60th anniversary, the Conservation Fund raised funds for a new clock and received, among other things, a grant from the AP Möller Fund. A new clock was cast in Denmark and installed in the church tower in the summer of 2022.

The photo was taken by Páll M Skúlason when the clock was hoisted on top of the church tower on June 7, 2022.

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